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UPSR Scholarship Program

The BLET UPSR General Committee of Adjustment is excited and proud to announce the application period for the UPSR Scholarship Program is now open for the 2022-2023 academic school year. The deadline for the scholarship application is March 1, 2022.

The Scholarship Program was established to encourage and aid in furthering the formal educations of those qualified children and financial dependents of eligible members of a BLET Local Division who are represented by our GCA.

The BLET UPSR Scholarship Program begins its 6th year and will provide monetary scholarships to qualified applicants selected for the 2022-2023 academic school year.

Click here to download a Scholarship Application and view details of the UPSR Scholarship Program.

Notice of Candidate Forums and Notice of Election

In accordance with IBT election rules, you can view the Notice of Candidate Forums and Notice of Election here.

2021 Austin BLET Regional

The first BLET regional meeting following the COVID-19 pandemic held in Austin, TX from July 12-16 has concluded. It was great to gather with our fellow brothers and sisters from across the country and share ideas and goals for the future of our great Brotherhood!

It was great to see such a large turnout. As the meeting was held in the BLET UP Southern Region’s very own backyard, our committee was represented very well. We had a large contingency of Division Local Chairmen, Vice Local Chairmen, Secretary-Treasurers, Presidents, and Legislative Representatives in attendance. Throughout the week, we received compliments about the professionalism of our committee’s representatives, and it is greatly appreciated.

A group photo (shown above) of some of the BLET UPSR GCA Executive Committee, Local Chairmen and Vice Local Chairmen in attendance was taken. They are:

General Chairman James Logan – Division 620
1st Vice General Chairman Scott Alexander – Division 523
2nd Vice General Chairman John Prokop – Division 475
3rd Vice General Chairman Fernando Paz – Division 620
General Secretary-Treasurer Jason Ogden – Division 711
Assigned Vice President Mark Wallace – National Division
Local Chairman Tim Wild – Division 62
Local Chairman Kevin DeArment – Division 139
Local Chairman Travis Bateman – Division 139
Local Chairman Randy Gorzell – Division 197
Local Chairman Dean Amos – Division 197
Local Chairman Jeff Fancki – Division 197
Local Chairman Doug Stokes – Division 242
Local Chairman Jason Roath – Division 524
Local Chairman Josh Tate – Division 530
Local Chairman Randy Willis – Division 531
Local Chairman Rick Perez – Division 566
Local Chairman Joe Gatewood – Division 620
Local Chairman Randy Jarona – Division 755
Local Chairman Daniel Burch – Division 834
Vice Local Chairman Nate Venable – Division 857
Vice Local Chairman Cerese Rhodes – Division 944